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Professional design team, carefully make high-quality moulds
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Various types of plastic positive thermoforming moulds, ,overturn moulds, multi-station mould, in mould cutting mould ,including cup mould, bowl mould, lid mould, etc.
There are many large-scale precision CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, carving machines and other advanced equipment
The perfect after-sales service also solves the technical and mould maintenance problems for customers.
Not only our sales network is domestic including Taiwan area, but also the world including Southeast Asia,South Asia,Central Asia ,West Asia and some countries in Africa and South America.
Service Hotline:+86-137-1594-4624
Different Mould Applications

Independent research and development, to meet the connection of different industries
Cup Mould Applications
Bowl Mould Applications
Box Mould Applications
Lid Mould Applications
Tray Mould Applications
Spoon Mould Applications
Cup Mould Applications
Making vairous cup moulds for drinking cups,milk tea cups,ice cream cups,yogurt cups,jelly cups,etc
Bowl Mould Applications
Making  a variety of bowl moulds for diamond bowls,burn proof bowl with stand moulds,which are used in meal bowls ,fast food bowls,etc.
Box Mould Applications
Making a variety of box moulds for round boxes, square boxes and other specially-shaped mould, which used in lunch boxes, fruit boxes and biscuit food boxes ,etc.
Lid Mould Applications
Making a variety of lid moulds, which can be matched with cups, bowls, and boxes, such as cup lids, bowl lids, box lids, etc.
Tray Mould Applications
Making a variety of tray molds, which applied to fruits, vegetables, eggs, fresh food and food tray, etc.
Spoon Mould Applications

Making disposable plastic spoon moulds, which used to produce disposable plastic spoon.

Mould Customization Process
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Choose and check material precisely to make sure mould quality
One-stop service, annual output of more than 300 sets of moulds
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Shantou Yitai Mould Co., Ltd.

Located in Jinping District ,Shantou City ,Guangdong Province , SHANTOU YITAI MOULD CO.,LTD is a mould manufacturer specialized in various types of plastic positive thermoforming moulds, ,overturn moulds, multi-station mould, in-mould cutting mould designing ,producing, processing, marketing and serving for cup moulds ( color-printing cup moulds, jelly cup moulds),bowl moulds(burn proof bowl with stand moulds)  ,cup /bowl /box lid moulds ,tray moulds, various specially-shaped moulds(lunch box moulds spoon moulds) ect. Our moulds can be widely used in the production of plastic containers and other plastic products of ...

Factory area of more than 2000 square meters
More than 40 sets of equipments
More than 30 technicians
Annual output of more than 300 setsof moulds
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